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Vehicle tracking & telematics solution

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Vehicle tracking & telematics solution with real time video

A leading telematics and tracking solution provider company in the EU, was looking to develop an advanced FNOL video based telematics and tracking solution to serve fleet owners and sensitive businesses such as a cash transit and a petroleum hauling where they use real-time video footage from a mounted video device to record transactions and process claims faster. Additionally, they can monitor, track & analyzed driver behavior with customized goals set from a backend system, to help improve productivity and eliminate unwanted idle time. Lastly, supervisors can enhance driver proper training and instructions to improve driver performance, and lower accidents.

More than 1,500+ devices live on this system.

Key features of solution delivered:

  • Real-Time configuration for setting up high & low values for speed, braking, left-right cornering, acceleration & Driver Scores from UI, which can be adopted by device immediately on next connection to the server
  • Real-time monitoring of devices/vehicles
  • Live tracking of devices/vehicles & custom reporting
  • OBD-II ECU data integrated via Bluetooth
  • Vendor native android app for Smartphone & tablets and iOS app for iPhone & iPad
  • Device server communicate code
  • CMS backend for super admin
  • CMS backend for vendor admin
  • Role-based access for vendors and employees
  • Driver Leaderboard & Scorecard
  • Rest APIs for vendors to enable integration with the system into any other system or their own UI

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