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Three Elements That Make for a Successful IoT Solution

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  • July 14, 2020
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In recent years, IoT has become main stream in our daily lives. It has rapidly changed the way we collect data, interact with others, and use our devices. The integration of technologies from hardware, embedded systems, mobile applications, and web development and analytics is now in our homes, cars, workplace, and even our gym.

For developers, data is produced at an enormously fast rate requiring innovative ways to parse, manage, and deliver solutions that are meaningful for end users. Teams are building full stack solutions, and project requirements need subject matter experts in the various phases from concept to launch.

Understand expectations for the user experience
The evolution of internet of things helps users squeeze more into their 24-hour day. Ease, efficiency, and convenience are the three things users are looking for from technology that replaces manual data collection. As more hardware and wearable integrations enter the market, customers are becoming more knowledgeable and are hungry for analytics delivered fast.

UX/UI design plays a key role to simplify the user experience while managing a tremendous amount of data. The design is expected to be flat and provide analysis in creative and useful ways. And let’s not forget users want to customize their experience. From settings to colors to what data is displayed and when, users look for flexibility and clean execution from their experience.

These seem like easy asks, but they require creative and innovative design, strategic third-party integrations and platform selections that can handle the data while giving the end users the most streamlined experience possible. At Alpine Coding Labs, we make sure our team has a designer tied to the project that can translate ideas into a solution that balances user experience with data collection and management.

Full stack development for seamless integration
Whether you are using existing hardware technology or building a prototype, you need developers that understand embedded systems, customizing firmware, and integrating data delivery with the right database and framework solution.

A full stack development team facilitates complete integration and improves automation capabilities. The goal is to decrease possible opportunities for lag, improve performance, and protect data throughout the system. Creating these synergies also makes a much more flexible environment. Any changes or the natural evolution of the solution can be implemented without having to recreate portions of the system that were created from outside the initial framework.

The Alpine IoT team takes an ideain its rawest form and works with our clients to deliver innovative solutions with an architecture and coding plan they can follow and will grow with them as they grow their business.

Smooth data collection and reporting
IoT automates the flow of data. With that comes a tremendous amount of data to collect, parse, and save to then turn into meaningful analytics for the end user.The goal is to be flexible and find innovative ways to manage the data. Often what seems simple in the eyes of an end user can be a complex computation to deliver based on the data received from the hardware. Using a variety of development technologies that make strategic sense helps improve data flow and expands reporting possibilities.

Same with reporting and analytics. Take it slow. In the beginning, pick a few key metrics for your solution. Once the reporting and analytics is launched, usage and customer feedback will determine which reports to prioritize next. Continue to grow and change how you deliver the data to meet customer needs.

Try different APIs, coding languages and third-party integrations to find the right combination of technologies and tools. If something is not working the way you thought it would, try a different approach and adjust to find the right balance to manage data and analytics in a smooth and effective way.

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